Artwork Collection 3

This page is more children's book illustrations and designs for children and is when I have the most fun, creating adorable children and animals at play.

I always try to take into consideration soft lines and flow and just enjoy myself.

The 1st picture is a little giraffe gazing straight at you, to hopefully evoke a moment of warmth between you the viewer, and the subject.

The 2nd picture is of two children playing dressing up dancing whimsically to some wonderful music. Watercolour and ink.


Image 3 has to be one of my favourites in this genre as the characters always make me smile, it's (as in the last) two little ones deep in their imaginary world playing, King Arthur & Guinevere and they have argued. The tipping hat suggests Arthur isn't quite as wonderful as he likes to think. It is a mixed media of watercolour, bronze ink and graphic ink.


This one reminds me of back in my childhood, when my sisters and I went to the Ice-cream van and some boys asked us would we like to see their band, in one of the boy's back gardens, they had a cardboard guitar and a metal bin, they then mimed to music that was on the radio. The drummer went on to become one of my best friends as I grew up and is still my friend to this day.

4 Leo, Eggy bear & Breeze was a proposed book I created with these adorable little characters. Sadly the book was turned down at the last moment but I still love the characters. It is a mixed-media design of pencil, watercolour paint and photography.

5 Was an earlier attempt at a book that I never pursued, called Abigale's garden, based on a little girl who loved growing vegetables with her Grandad and when they had a glut of fruit, she held a little market stall out the front of Grandads and offered the fruit to neighbours for free. It was my attempt at encouraging children outside and gardening but I felt the story wasn't strong enough so I abandoned the project.

6 Is one of my earliest illustrations and was a revelation to me, it was one of the first times I was brave and confident enough to draw what I had imagined in my mind, it is probably more traditional than my present-day images but it still makes me smile. 

The Little musician is a watercolour pencil, paint & ink and is sold.

The following two are based on The World Book Day when children dressed as their favourite characters,  the 1st is Captain Hook & the Crocodile, heading off to school (the crocodile seems unimpressed with his outfit, while his older brother races ahead enthusiastic in his role)

The next one is Shakespeare (which I must admit I feel might be partially a memory of one of my childhood books.

Cat on the mat was just a moment of engrossing fun for me in ink and watercolour paint.

The final 3 were from a proposed book about a little duckling who gets travel sick but her friend arrives and distracts her. Based on a real life event for me, who would get travel sick even on very short journeys as a child.

I really hope you like what I'm trying to achieve. If you like poetry feel free to listen to some of my poems read out loud Poetry I have had some success with my writing having won a few poetry competitions and I even had one of my poems read out loud on American radio.

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